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The Fundamentals Course (45-60 MIN)

If you are new to CrossFit or new to exercise altogether this is the place to learn the foundational movements and flow of CrossFit and strength training. Fundamentals is not about working out until you pass out. Neither is CrossFit for that matter. Fundamentals is about skill acquisition. It is about learning how to safely and correctly perform all of the movements we do here in the gym. 

We offer the Fundamentals course twice per month on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The course is two weeks and comprised of six hour-long sessions. The first course each month is offered at 6:30am, and the second course is offered at 6:30pm. 

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Boot Camp (45min)

Riot's Boot Camp gives you a great workout independent of your current fitness level. Our take on high-intensity interval training utilizes lighter weights at high volumes in combination with Concept II rowers, speed ropes, and air bikes to deliver a fast-paced, challenging and fun experience in your busy day. This class is suitable for all levels and no previous experience is required. 

CrossFit (60 MIN)

Far from the random butt kicking you see elsewhere our group classes are based on continually evolving programming moving athletes towards ever-greater levels of fitness. Classes are built around constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. The intensity is relative and everything can be scaled up or down to meet individual needs  – so group classes can fit just about anyone. The energy in the group class will have you consistently seeing gains as you crush previous records in this supportive environment. Prior CrossFit experience or completion of our Fundamentals course is required.

CrossFit Express (45 MIN)

CrossFit Express is an abbreviated version of our standard CrossFit class and will have you in and out in only 45 minutes! Prior CrossFit experience or completion of our Fundamentals course is required.

RIOT cycle (45 min)

The dopest indoor cycling in Seattle hands down. 45 minutes of flats, jogs, and climbs, that will leave you breathless and beaming. This is the most fun you can have on a bike. We ride to the beat of the music, and we love choreography. Get ready to tap it back, and turn it up with purpose. We track your performance stance and send them straight to your inbox after every ride. It is literally and figuratively a Riot!



If you prefer to work privately with one of our trainers we offer 1 on 1 and small group personal training. Every athlete has unique needs, and if you are looking to target specific goals in the most progressive and efficient manner possible then look no further. Personal training at XCF goes beyond just working out. It encompasses nutritional assistance, physical assessment, and lifestyle coaching in addition to an individually tailored training program.


1:1 $90/hour*

2:1 $120/hour*

3:1 $150/hour*

*Price will vary based on number of sessions purchased and frequency of training.


If you are self motivated but lacking the experience to develop your own program we offer an excellent solution. After assessing your current abilities, limitations and lifestyle we will develop a 30 to 90-day program to get you on track towards your goals. We offer programs solely focused on training, nutrition, or lifestyle goals, or you can choose to focus on any combination of the three. You'll meet with a trainer each month to reassess and get a new program to continue challenging yourself and reach new levels of fitness. We can even work with remote clients using Skype, email, and phone calls for follow-up.

Program design clients have unlimited access to group sessions, use of the gym during normal operating hours, unlimited email, and 45 min of 1:1 time with their trainer each month.


$150 and up/month.