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We put the fun in functional movement. Most of the time.

Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. We keep the body guessing by doing a little of everything. Barbells and bodyweight, running and rowing, pull ups and planks. We are going to leave no stone unturned on the pathway to your best life. If broad fitness supported by incredible strength are what you are looking for then your search has ended. Believe the hype. This stuff is awesome.


Physical and mental intensity like you haven’t seen before. 45 minutes of body shaping interval training in a group setting that will push you harder than you thought possible. Get that bangin' body in this full body conditioning class. We use Concept 2 ergs and a variety of weights to mold your body and push you past your limits. 45 minutes of high intensity weights, cardio, and abs, that will leave you exhausted and exhilarated. We take you to places you didn’t think were possible. If you want to make your muscles cry(a.k.a. sweating) then the Circuit is for you.

The Twofer

This is the best of both worlds. A little cycle, a little weights and core, a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong. This is the land of AND. You get 30 minutes of cycle AND 30 minutes of strength training. Bike, weights, and abs in the perfect 60 minutes of exercised induced euphoria. You are welcome in advance.

RIOT cycle

The indoor cycling Seattle's been waiting for. Forty-five minutes of flats, jogs, and climbs, that will leave you breathless and beaming. This is the most fun you can have on a bike. We ride to the beat of the music, and we love choreography. Get ready to tap it back, and turn it up with purpose. We track your performance stats and send them straight to your inbox after every ride. It is literally and figuratively a Riot!

RIOT Performance

This power based ride is the closest you can come to an outdoor ride indoors. We climb, race,  and surge our way through an epic session to a perfectly curated playlist. We use the best bikes on the market, the Stages SC3, to deliver the an unparalleled indoor cycling experience. 


Think of this like gym kindergarten. This is the place to learn the foundational movements and flow of CrossFit and strength training in a group setting. Fundamentals is about learning the basics, the jargon, and the rhythm of strength and conditioning in a group setting. Learn to safely, and correctly perform the primary movements we do here in the gym. 

Fundamentals is two weeks, and comprised of six hour-long sessions. The course is offered 6:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. You must complete at least 4 of the 6 sessions before attending our regular CrossFit classes .

Click HERE to find out more about our next Fundamentals course starting February 5th!


If you prefer to work privately with one of our trainers we offer 1 on 1 and small group personal training. Every athlete has unique needs, and if you are looking to target specific goals in the most progressive and efficient manner possible then look no further. Personal training at XCF goes beyond just working out. It encompasses nutritional assistance, physical assessment, and lifestyle coaching in addition to an individually tailored training program.


1:1 $90/hour*

2:1 $120/hour*

3:1 $150/hour*

*Price will vary based on number of sessions purchased and frequency of training.