All punchcards and monthly passes include Cycling, Circuit and CrossFit classes. Personal Training is booked at the studio.

Monthly Passes automatically renew each month and can be canceled anytime online. 

We provide complimentary sweat and shower towels.

For Cycle classes, shoes are provided.

Late cancel a booked session less than 12 hours before or no show and you'll lose the session. If you need to late cancel, please email us and we will move your booking.

If this is your first session, please show up 10-15 minutes prior to class start. 

We look forward to having you in the studio!!

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All personal training must be booked in person or over the phone. 


1:1 $90/hour*

2:1 $130/hour*

3:1 $150/hour*

*Price will vary based on number of sessions purchased and frequency of training.