If you are new to CrossFit, or new to exercise altogether, this is the place to learn the foundational movements and flow of CrossFit and strength training in a safe and supportive environment. Fundamentals is not about working out until you pass out. Neither is CrossFit for that matter. Fundamentals is about skill acquisition, and how to correctly perform all of the movements we do here in the gym. 

Your long-term success is our number one goal for Fundamentals, which is why we now offer Fundamentals FREE with your first month of unlimited classes. You’ll schedule 2-4 personal training sessions to get you up to speed. This typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Then you have the remainder of the month to integrate into our regular group CrossFit classes. Your dedicated coach will make sure you have all the support you need along the way!

Please fill out the form below to ask us any addition questions or to schedule your first into PT session. We look forward to having you in the gym!

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