A. 3 sets
OHS x15 (2:00)

B. 3 sets
KB Front Rack Step Ups @30X1 x6-8 (1:00)

C. 4 sets
10 Dual KB Clean (:30)
30m HEAVY KB Front Rack Carry (:30)
10 Tall Box Jumps (:30)
Row :60 (1:30)
*each row should be faster

Quote of the day: “A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” - John Ruskin

Gym Note: This Thursday starts the 2019 CrossFit Open!! We will be doing all of this years Open workouts on Fridays. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up. It’s only $20! None of the profits go to our gym, so this is not a plug for us, but rather something that we do each year to see our personal growth, and to encourage the other members and friends within the gym. You don’t have to be some top notch athlete or CrossFit pro. We should be doing things in life to strive to be better. Whether that’s in the gym, at home, in school or at work, we should be pushing to become the best version of ourselves. There is no better way to test progress than to see how we are doing against our past numbers and against others around the world. There is a Rx and scaled, so again, this is just a fun thing to do with our gym and friends to see how our last year of training has gone. When you sign up, make sure you put under the affiliate RA Crossfit, so we can all be placed under the same team. I can’t wait to see how many of you sign up! You won’t regret it! Lets go Riot!!

Aidan Malody