A. Thrusters 3,3,3,3,3

B. Press 6,6,6,6

C. 30 Pistols for time

Quote of the day: “I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I am a warrior, and it is the way of the warrior to fight superior odds.” - Paul Watson

Side Note: The holidays are here folks! Tis the season…..for every reason under the sun not to come in and stay on track. We all know it, “but Thanksgiving made me finish the pie four days later". Or, “Christmas is four weeks away, I might as well shut it down and just start January 1st.” For every reason you want to stay focused on your goals, there comes five reasons (aka excuses) that seem even easier to fall victim to to not stay focused. It’s cold, we all just ate way too much, deadlines at work, it’s dark in the morning when we wake up. I know. I understand. I relate. However, you know what doesn’t have thoughts, feelings, empathy, a simple care in the world? The results you want that are waiting for you. These are the times that determine if we are serious about our goals. Against all odds. Against every easy reason to fall victim to that makes you want to stay at home. These are the times however, that those who get what they set their mind towards, step up and do what’s necessary. You control your ship. Only you. Don’t forget though, you have us. You have me. You have your best gym buddy. Lean on us if you need, but you better do it while you’e in the gym kicking ass and taking names. Let’s do work over the next few weeks before Christmas and New Years. Take ownership in how you approach your days, workouts, meals, relationships, happiness. We can only control us. I can’t wait to see you in the gym! - Aidan aka Beard aka Bald Guy aka Does He Cut Lines In His Eyebrows? aka Yes I Do aka Mr. Doesn’t Make Excuses

Aidan Malody