We put the fun in functional movement. Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. We keep the body guessing by doing a little of everything. Barbells and bodyweight, running and rowing, pull ups and planks. We are going to leave no stone unturned on the pathway to your best life. If broad fitness supported by incredible strength is what you are looking for, then your search has ended! Please note: While CrossFit is suitable for all fitness levels, completion of our CrossFit Fundamentals course, or 3 months of prior CrossFit experience is required before attending our CrossFit classes. If you want to learn more about starting CrossFit click HERE.


This 45-minute of body-shaping interval class will leave you sweaty and feeling invincible! We use Concept 2 ergs, Rogue Echo bikes, and a variety of weights to mold your body and help you reach your full potential.


We offer this 30-minute class over the lunch hour to get you sweaty and on your way! This class is suitable for all levels, and you will find a mix of strength and endurance training. The key difference between Circuit and Strength is that in our Strength classes, those will the skill level will have the opportunity to lift a little heavier and use barbells.


This is the best of both worlds. A little cycle, a little weights and core, a lot of fun. We take 30 minutes of cycle AND 30 minutes of strength training for the ultimate 60min sweat fest!

RIOT cycle

Our signature cycle class is forty-five minutes of flats, jogs, and climbs, that will leave you breathless and beaming. This is the most fun you can have on a bike. We ride to the beat of the music, and like to mix in a little choreography. Get ready to tap it back, and turn it up with purpose. We track your performance stats and send them straight to your inbox after every ride.

RIOT cycle - Performance

This power based ride is the closest you can come to an outdoor ride indoors. We climb, race,  and surge our way through an epic session to a perfectly curated playlist. We use the best bikes on the market, the Stages SC3, to deliver an unparalleled indoor cycling experience. 

RIOT cycle - HIIT

This class is all about intervals. We're bringing the awesome benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training) to the cycling studio. These benefits include building lean muscle mass and elevating your metabolism, all designed to help you burn calories long after your workout is over. Get ready to ride hard, recover, repeat.

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