Riot Challenge FAQs

A ton of folks had questions about our two upcoming challenges, so we've put together our FAQ:

When does the 7-Day Detox start?

The 7-Day detox has a rolling start anytime between Monday Aug. 19th, and Wednesdsay Aug. 28th. You'll get the same awesome support throughout the process no matter what day you choose to start.

In simple terms, why would I do the 7-Day Detox?

Think of the 7-Day Detox as both a system reset and a break for your digestive system. Many people do it to break bad eating habits they've slipped back into over the summer (hello happy hours in the sunshine!!), and to give their gut a chance to not work quite so hard for a few days. As we've mentioned, people often see significant reduction in one to several of the following: overall inflammation, gut distress, sugar cravings, belly bloat, low energy, poor sleep and/or joint pain. If you've been wrestling with any of these things, a 7-day Detox is a great place to start.

Why should I do a 30-Day challenge or more when all those great things happen on a 7-Day detox?

A 7-Day detox is a great nudge towards healthier eating habits. In fact, it may be the baby steps that motivate you to jump in for another 4-6 weeks. However, the 30 days is where you really settle into the routine of a healthier lifestyle. Long-term success is about creating sustainable habits, not a quick fix. The 30-day challenges set you up for lasting change.

When does the 30-Day Challenge start?

Wednesday, September 4th.

I have events/vacations planned during the challenges - can/should I still do it?

YES. We know some of you have very special occasions coming up over the next 6-8 weeks. While you'll get the best results when you are 100% compliant, we don't want to you miss out on the opportunity to take a huge step forward towards your goals because you're worried about a couple days of vacation. The best part is we're here to help you get right back on track if there are any hiccups. You might also find you're feeling so good during the challenge, you'd rather not bother with the ususal "I'm on vacation so all the rules are out the window" mentality.

I hate cooking/am too busy - how can I make this work?

This is a very common concern. The best part about having the support of your nutrition coaches and your fellow challengers is all the tips they have on being successful under challenging circumstances. Need help with meal prep, local restaurants, food at work, weekly meal delivery service? We've got you.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for the standard 30-day challenge HERE and the 30-day plus reintroduction HERE. Once you join, you’ll get access to the full list of resources in the private Facebook and Slack pages.