CrossFit Training 051718

A. EMOM x 10
E: 20 Hollow Rocks

B. OT4 x 5
15 DB Push Press
Sled Push 60'
20 Push Ups

  • On the DB Push Press, let's try to stick to the same weight as we used last Thorsday for the 15 we did last week with the DUs.

Quote of the Day: "Find the place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." - Joseph Cambell

Fun Fact: Thursday was named after Thor. Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is represented as riding a chariot drawn by goats and wielding the hammer Miölnir. He is the defender of the Aesir, destined to kill and be killed by the Midgard Serpent.

  • now many of you may have felt that you were riding the chariot (rower) a ton yesterday. Wielding a DB over and over. You all performed like fitness G.O.A.T.s (greatest of all time) yesterday. Keep it up everyone. All of this was indeed necessary to type. Carry on.
Aidan Malody