CrossFit Training 051618

A. OT4 x 10 Rx: 50/35
within 2:30 perform:
:95 Row
remaining time AMRAP of 10 alternating DB snatch, 10 TTB

  • Score is both total meters rowed for the 10 rounds, and total rounds of AMRAP for the 10 rounds.
  • With the AMRAP, pick up where you left off the previous round
  • To clarify, out of the 4:00, you are doing 2:30 of work, in which 1:35 of it is rowing, and :55 of it is the AMRAP. So be quick to transition off your rower and right into the AMRAP. This means you have a set 1:30 of rest.
  • Your first goal is trying to beat the previous weeks total meters.
  • Also, we are done complaining about this. This is week five, the shock is over. If you show up, come ready to be awesome. If you don't, then have a lovely day. You will feel less awesome, but still have a good day.

Quote of the Day: "In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way." - Yoda

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