Why do we post our workouts?


Something incredible has happened at Riot. It is incredible for so many reasons. WE ARE POSTING OUT WORKOUTS! I am not ashamed to admit that I have been against posting workouts for a long time. I finally lost the argument to the rest of the team. I am not going to sugar coat it. Things got ugly. I don’t want to use the term “race war” but it is too late now. I just did. Race war. I just did it again. It was a contentious debate that came down to a vote and it was Aidan, Courtney, Kelly, and Kristen all against me. So now we are posting our workouts and we have a very tense employee break room. But, we did it for you so I hope this change makes you incredibly happy.

There are some great reasons to post the workouts in advance. Seeing what the workouts are can let people know what to bring to class if necessary. Pants or long socks, or shin protection for rope climbs, no light colored pants for ladies on double under day(you know what I am talking about) lifting shoes, face paint, or whatever else you might need to perform at your best. I know if I workout involves a lot of running I would rather wear running shoes than my metcons or nanos.

Another benefit is that we can come into the gym and be ready to specifically warm up my individual weak areas. If snatch is on the agenda I know that I need to get to the gym a little earlier than normal to get my sad old shoulders ready to move. Use the advance warning as an incentive and signal to get in and prepare for the days work. We are always going to warm up before we work out but sometimes you need a little extra you time to be ready to give it your all.

There are also some downsides to posting workouts. Cherry picking being number one. Seeing what is in store for you can make you skip workouts that you don’t like. The problem is that workouts that we don’t like are probably the ones we need to do the most. They often contains elements that we aren’t good at workouts that make us sad. Those are the ones we should be leaning into though.

Pre workout anxiety is another reason. For some folks it is nice to not have to think about it until it is time to do it. It is simple enough not to look but because it is available many of us will look and then get anxious leading up to the workout. Do you really want to know that it is 10k day today?

If you can’t avoid cherry picking I have something that should be helpful. We have some of the best cherries in the world in Eastern Washington, and there’s nothing better than a cherry you’ve just picked yourself. Get your cherry pitter ready, because I found some great options for cherry picking not too far from Seattle.

A U-pick orchard for juicy bing and beautiful rainier cherries is Barrett Orchards (transitioning to organic)(1209 Pecks Canyon Road – Yakima, (509) 966-1275). U-pick for cherries continues through July 4, 2016. Their Cherry Festival is the weekend of July 2-4 2016.

Another spot is Bill’s Berry Farm (organic) (3674 N. County Line Road, Grandview, 509-882-3200). Ride their haywagon out to the orchard, followed up by a BBQ lunch and a fresh cherry donut. They’ve even got a petting zoo. Pick cherries into July.