More time part 2

There might be a lot more to the snarky statement "you snooze, you lose" than appears at first glance. When our alarm clock goes off in the morning, we are presented with our very first decision each day. And how you respond to that decision creates waves that impact the rest of the day. In fact, for many we set ourselves up to respond to that decision before we even go to bed. Did we go to bed late and already decide we won't be at our best? Do you hit the snooze button? How soon after your alarm goes off o your feet hit the floor? What are your first thoughts for the day? Hitting the snooze button means your very first decision is "I'll deal with today later", that today can wait. We are projecting an attitude towards what is to follow, and it is one of negativity. Our thoughts influence our actions which ultimately becomes who we are. A single slap of that snooze button does not by definition turn us into a lazy person, but day after day, and year after year it can culminate in an attitude that may define our life.

The other thing about snoozing? It isn't even having the impact we want! There is actually awesome data from a UC Berkeley nap study that shows we would get more value taking a 10-20 minute nap in the afternoon than trying to add 10-20 minutes of fitful snoozing in the morning (your company has nap pods right?)  Most people have improved cognition, improved analytical task handling, and improved critical decision making earlier in the day. So get up and get started! If your life isn't headed where you want it to go at the pace you want it to be moving, maybe it's time to change how you start the days that make up the weeks that make up your life.