The Fluffening Half Time Show

Thanksgiving is behind us. Christmas is more of a season than an actual day at this point. Decorations, desserts, holiday parties, and general consumption and malaise that starts the day after Thanksgiving and goes until January 2nd or so. It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t like the outcome. You never have. This thing that so many of us do to ourselves at the end of the year just sets us up to go into the next year worse than we started the one we are finishing up. How do we avoid getting fatter over the holidays? How can we start January a little better than we started November?

Say no to some things. Notice I said “some” and not “all.” Not all cupcakes are created equal. There are shitty cupcakes. Don’t eat those ones. There are average cupcakes. Don’t eat those ones either. Choose your cupcakes like you choose your spouse. Find “THE ONE” and say yes to that cupcake. And once you say yes to THE cupcake, don’t go running around with all of the other cupcakes. That’s how you get sick. And soft. And this is true for all of the cakes, and cookies, and snacks.

Dance more. A lot more. This is dual purpose. Burn some calories and increase your serotonin which is one of our happiness hormones. It also is correlated with gut and immune health. Make those holiday parties more about getting your groove on than getting your grub on. So what if you can’t dance. Bad dancing has the same effect on the dancer as good dancing. It can negatively impact those around us but we aren’t talking about them. We are talking about you.

Workout on vacation. Whether you are staying in Seattle and throwing down with us at Riot or you are going to see Gran Gran in Toledo find a place to move your body. Burpees in the backyard counts. 10-12 burpees on the minute for 10 or more minutes is one of my go to workouts on the road. If I am short on time I will do 12 on the minute for 12 minutes. If you like doing it in a group like we do then find a place to sweat in community. Find a place to ride or a place to CrossFit or step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new. The goal is to do something. Just because you are back in your old bedroom doesn’t mean you have to fall back on old habits.

So if you don’t want to start the New Year softer than necessary just stick to the above plan.

Just say no.
Dance like nobody’s watching.

And have a wonderful holiday season.

Jordan Holland