There is no one thing

I frequently hear people tell me how they are doing everything right and somehow they still can’t hit their goals. We dig in a little bit and then it turns out that there might be one thing that isn’t perfect. Then we dig a little more and there is one other thing but that thing only happens every so often. And the other thing is that big of a deal when compared to the third thing and so on. And these are the things that they know about. What about all of the things that you didn’t know were even things you should be thinking about. You knew you needed more water and more sleep but too much running is bad? Overtraining is a thing? Vitamin D, cortisol, patellar tendonosis? So many things to be thinking about, there is no way we can get them all right. And here is the other other other thing. You don’t have to get them all right. There is no one thing that is going to ruin all of the hard work. But there are things that can make the hard work less effective. And choosing the wrong things to focus on can make us feel like we are spinning our wheels. Water is important and so is sleep but if that isn’t the highest priority for you then focusing on those things won’t give you the return you are looking for. More protein, fewer carbs, more sex, no dairy, there are lots of ways to skin this wellness cat but there are better ways for YOU. Have you ever taken the time or sought the help to dial in on the right answer for your particular situation? I want you to be successful on your fitness journey but picking two or three random Shape magazine cover story items to go after is like playing Russian roulette with your health. There is no one thing that will make or break your fitness plan, but there are better ways. There are better things. There are things that done at the right time for the right reasons will make you feel like the effort you are putting in is paying off in ways that motivate you to keep going. Find the things that are right for you and then double down until you get where you want to go.