No game face required

There are those days. Those days where someone looks at you the right way and you might throw something at them, or you might break down and cry. It really could go either way. Those days where someone asks you how you are doing and you say fine but you aren’t fine. You aren’t even a little bit fine. You have stuff to do so you leave the house but even that can be hard on days like these. You go to the place where you have to do stuff. You do the stuff and try to just get through the day. The gym is part of your day but it doesn’t feel as heavy as the rest of it. In fact in the gym when someone asks you how you are maybe you say not great. And maybe they just say ok and that is enough. Because they are happy that you are here and even though you don’t show it you are happy to be here too. You can do somethings that will make you better even if they don’t make you feel completely better. You will see some people that make you smile. Even if your smile isn’t as big or go as deep as it normally does. And the gym is a break from the rest of the stuff that seems harder today than other days. This is the place where you don’t have to put on a brave face. I want you to brave but you can also show that you are scared, or sad, or tired, or just barely hanging on. No judgement, and no expectations beyond todays best. And today’s best might be close to nothing. That’s ok too. On those days, and all of the other days, when you just want to stay under the covers this place is still one of the best places to be. And all you have to do is just show up just as you are. We like you that way.