It doesn't have to be fun, but it certainly helps.

The list of things I am bad at is incredibly long. Some things on that list earn me higher billing among the ranks of the ungifted. Dancing, anything to do with molar mass, self control where tacos, and cake are involved, and running are a few of my extra special areas of inability. This year I decided to tackle one of them. I picked dancing. In January I signed up for a hip hop dance class up at Velocity in Capitol Hill. It was so challenging and so much fun at the same time. I wasn’t the worst but I was making a strong run at the title. I signed up for 16 classes. I was going for it. I was facing my fears, challenging my coordination, and meeting new people. It’s now October and I still have 15 classes left. The class time sucked for me. It started at 8pm. I wasn’t in bed until after 10 and getting up at 430 the next morning was not fun. After 6 months of telling myself I was going to get back there I decided to just pick a new thing. The old thing was great, but I didn’t do it. So it technically wasn’t great for me. That is an important distinction. I settled on running. I can do it whenever, and wherever I want. I signed up for an online program that involves two runs a week. I am getting better. I am having fun. And I am actually doing it 2 times a week. Running isn’t inherently better. Running isn’t easier. But running fits into my life and so it is better for me. When it comes to moving more and getting fitter, the best thing for you is the thing you are going to do more often. What we do matters, but when we are getting started doing almost anything sometimes is better than doing the very best thing once, and then never again. A couple of years ago we started adding more variety to our programming options. Not because we believe that we weren’t doing a lot of good with CrossFit, but because there is more than one path and we wanted to invite as many people as possible on the journey with us. If you are scared of barbells and lifting heavy weights then come to the circuit class. Do you like more cardio or the anonymity of a dark room? Come and rock it on a bike in our cycling class. Or mix it up with all three. Just find a thing that works for you and keep on doing it. One day I would like to move my dancing from embarrassing to tolerable. But for now I will stick to swaying in the corner. And as for pushing myself to try new things I have a long way to go to be a strong and graceful runner. On the graceful front it is a long long looooooooooong way to go. THIS is a decent example of my running prowess. And this is after 3 months of work.