Let there be fun

According to my friend Simon, your “why” is more important than any other variable related to the outcomes we are seeking. Why we are doing matters more than who we are doing it with, where we are doing it, or even how hard it is to do. I would agree with that for the most part but I think there is something tangential to why that is quite important. Sometimes it is the why. In fact when we are you it is usually the why behind most of the things we do. I know my children are motivated by this more than almost anything else. And that is fun. Because it is fun. As we age though that becomes a refrain we say and hear less often. Why do you go to work? Why did you marry that person? Why do you go to the gym? FUN! Wouldn’t it be nice if that was true of all of those things all of the time. If it isn’t true some of the time though I don’t think those things will have the sticking power of other things that are more fun. Why did you quit that job? Why did you leave that relationship? Why did you quit exercising? It was never any fun. We should have fun in here. It won’t be fun all of the time. And sometimes it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. But there should be an element of play. If you want fitness to be a part of your lifestyle you have to find a way to enjoy it. You need to find something that makes you smile. Some people that you enjoy being around. For me, Riot is that place and what we do here is so much fun. If you are a part of this community then you know what I am talking about. Yes we work hard. Yes we suffer a little bit. But, man we have a lot of fun in here and I am grateful for it. Even the days that aren’t fun. Somedays you leave here thinking, “I hate this place, I hate you…”

“…see you tomorrow.”

That’s how I know this place is worth showing up to everyday. It’s just fun.