Just do something. But like a bunch of times.

Is there someone who inspires you to do more, or be more, while simultaneously making you want to punch them right in the face? Do you follow them on Instagram, read about them online, or drive by their house late at night and wish you had what they had or at the very list wish that what they had was taken away in a devastating house fire? But how did they get the things that we want? A great job, a great home, a great relationship, or just a great body, they did something to get it. It was a lot of somethings. And it wasn’t something that we can’t do. Not only that, it is probably something we have done. We just haven’t done it as often, or for as long. Let’s focus on the body. Eat better, rest well, move more to get the body of your dreams. I am sure you have done each of those things. In fact, I am sure there are days when you do all three on the same day. There are probably multiple days in a row on which you have done all three. And then you stopped. Maybe you just stopped one at first and then the other two faded. Maybe you always do at least one but you just can’t seem to get all three balls rolling in the same direction at the same time for a long time. And often when we have been getting it right and then we get it wrong even if for just one day we often give up the fight. We say on Wednesday after a gluttonous work lunch that the week is shot and I will start over on Monday. The difference between what we are doing and what those folks who are crushing it is that they don’t start over on Monday when they mess up on Wednesday. They start again on Wednesday night. Lunch didn’t go as planned, but don’t throw in the towel. Dinner will be great and tonight, sleep will be great, and tomorrow you will resume crushing it.  The difference is the growth mindset that can be brutally honest about failures while maintaining an unwavering faith that we will succeed in the end. The end may be far away. The end may involve tremendous effort but the end is coming. So, put in the effort and write the ending that you want to see. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the object of inspiration and loathing instead of the voyeur? Day by day, little by little, we are inching toward the goal. Don’t stop for any reason. And if you stop, you know what to do. Start again. And again. That is the difference. Do something to facilitate the change you want to see. And then do it over and over and over. That’s it. Just keep doing it until you have that thing you set out to get.

And if that doesn’t work just try THIS to help you feel better.