You be you

I wager when you set out looking for a gym you didn’t type “best community” into the google search bar. You probably did plan to make friends at the gym. You certainly didn’t plan to see these people outside of the gym. But it happened. You came for the fitness and you stayed because of Judy. And David, all of the Davids, and Stacy, and Sam, and probably Ben. You stayed because people know your name, and where you work, and what you do for fun on the weekends. The workouts are great, and effective, but you can stream workouts on you iPad at home. You can’t get the rest of it. The coaching and the camaraderie. There is more to this place than the bars and the plates. It is the people. A collection of people with a common goal makes this community. And every person here adds something. No matter what your starting place is on this fitness journey, YOU, right now add value. We need you. And not only do we need you we need you to be you. Just you. You don’t have to get dressed up for this. You don’t have to get fitter before you start this. We need right now just like you are. That is how we get to be us. If you don’t be you. Than we can’t be us. A group of individuals working together on a journey. You aren’t too old, too fat, or too weak. You aren’t too out of shape, and you certainly aren’t too fit. You are enough and soon you were be enough AND stronger. Not better. You are fabulous right now, and soon you will be powerful, flexible, resilient AND fabulous. Everyday the only thing you need to do to be a part of this community is be you. Then we can be us and we can all get fitter together.