It's not a gym.


It's a movement. Riot Athletics exist because we got tired of looking for something so we decided to start something. Conventional gyms just didn't get it. They built their business model on the belief that people would pay and never show up. That is great if you are only concerned about your bottom line. But what about the people paying you who are concerned about their waistlines? Yes, they essentially had all of the tools at their disposal, but we both know that having all of the tools and all of the information isn't the only thing we need to be successful. We weren't inspired to show up so we didn't. We didn't enjoy being in those spaces so we didn't go. From the boring equipment, weak class schedule, and dish soap in the showers they tried to pass off as body wash there was no reason to go. Riot is changing the paradigm. We basically thought of everything we wished was in a gym, and then we put it in here. We chose the equipment, the sound system, and yes even the soap and shampoo like we were choosing it for our own home. When you experience it first hand you will see what I am talking about. The trainers and unmatched, the workouts produce results, and the members actually show up. And we are stoked about it. Come and see for yourself what sets Riot apart from every other gym.