We created Riot Athletics because we know there is more than just one way to get fit. Each individual has a unique set of goals, and our trainers passionate about helping you get results. We want you to MOVE every day, however that happens. 

It’s true that things might get a little uncomfortable in here for you, but that’s what you wanted right? To shake things up a little? Our community is here to support you. We are here to challenge you. We are here to help you grow. We want to help you test your limits and breakthrough barriers. Have no doubt though, your safety is our top priority.

How do we know we’ve succeeded? When you come to us and let us know you’ve done things you’ve never thought you could. When you start saying yes to things you were too scared to try. When you realize that your willingness to take risks, to be more brave, happens far more often than it used to. When you wanted to quit with every fiber of your being and you kept going. It starts here in the gym, and then radiates out into all areas of your life.

We see what you are capable of even if you don’t yet. See you in the gym,

-The Riot Athletics Team