Our Next 6 Week Challenge Starts April 1st!

Are you ready to go all in? To make that 100% commitment to your goals? For most of us, we'll often find a reason to give up. We blame travel, parties, nagging injuries, kids, etc. But the truth is, if we really want it, we’ll find a way.

We offer this challenge because we know the power of a strong community. When we are all in the trenches together, we can't tell ourselves it's impossible - there are too many other people right beside us showing what is possible. How much change will you see in 6 weeks? It's time to find out.

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“Thanks so much! This was everything I needed to get myself back on track. I have no intentions of adding in old foods (dairy, grains, etc) and I’m really happy with my new habits (veggies and prepping). Plus I’m making my health a priority regardless of having two little ones and that makes me really happy finding that balance! 

I’m also thrilled that my body is changing and I’m feeling way stronger at CrossFit. I lost a pant size, I am down 10lbs, and I'm back in my pre preg jeans minus the muffin top  I still have work to do, but I’m super psyched and motivated. As my kids and hubs were eating a slice of pizza at Costco today, I told him it looked good but how I feel is so much better than it could ever taste! I believe it.

Hope to bump into you soon. I have appreciated your support so much - more than you know!! I loved this experience. Thanks for everything!”

-Meagan Z.


“Riot has helped keep me happy, strong, and engaged in my fitness for 7 years! No matter how frequently I hit the gym though, I always maintained a lot of bulk, especially around my midsection and neck.

The nutrition challenge was my ticket to the next level! I established healthy, repeatable habits, grew in relationship with my gym mates, and lost 23 lbs across two challenges. All of this while eating a ton of delicious food, rarely feeling hungry, sleeping great, and keeping a smile on my face. I'm still at the exact same weight since the last challenge ended. Seriously, the only bad thing about the nutrition challenge was the amount of money I had to spend on buying new clothes that fit.

Stacy is a great motivator, with a talent for applying the right tweaks to your routine at the right time. She'll help make sure you are maximizing your efforts. Your fellow challengers will support you throughout the challenge, but you'll find them especially helpful during the first week and when cravings happen — cause they know all the good snacks. And your results will speak for themselves.” - Matt A.


“The Riot challenge was exactly the jumpstart I needed to get serious about my health and fitness goals! After my own disastrous attempts at self guided challenges (Hello, my name is Janna and I’m a Whole 30 drop out) the Riot Challenge provided me with the support, community, and accountability that was missing whenever I tried to do something on my own. You will not find a kinder, more supportive, or more knowledgeable leader than Stacy, who skillfully gives you all the tools you need to achieve your goals and celebrates your achievements along the way. Unlike other programs, The Riot Challenge provides you with everything you need to not only successfully complete the 6 weeks, but also to carry those healthy habits on into your life. I finished the challenge 22lbs lighter and inspired to keep working to achieve my goals.” 

-Janna R.



“I can't say enough great things about Riot Athletics!  Having just completed my third Nutrition Challenge with the team at Riot, I have nothing but positive things to say.  My main goal, each time I've entered into a Challenge, is usually to get a healthy 'reset'.  Yet, each time I complete a Challenge, I realize that I've actually achieved so much more than just this 'reset'!   With this most recent experience, I really felt that I learned a lot about my behaviors and how to readjust my relationship with food and exercise.  Through Stacy Vinge's expert guidance, I was encouraged to really examine my own triggers and worked with her to understand these behaviors and learn tips to help me make healthier choices (whether on the Challenge or not).  

I am always amazed by how food can affect my mood, sleep, fitness level, mental clarity and my overall feeling of well-being.  As a result of working alongside the team at Riot Athletics, I have made lifestyle changes which will follow me for the rest of my life!  This is pretty powerful stuff!  Life changing, in fact!  

I have been a member of Riot Athletics for over two years and really feel like part of the crew!  It's a great thing when you can walk into a gym and feel like your with friends!  No matter what your fitness level, what you might struggle with personally, I find that the team at Riot really listen and care about making sure your experience is a great one and that you feel good about yourself and are working towards your goal.  This level of individual focus is unlike any other gym I've ever joined.  This latest Challenge, and the experience I've had, is no different.”

Thank you Riot Team! 
- Julie A.

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Finishing the challenge I can definitely tell the difference in how i feel. I also think my body composition is changing. I’m going to try and keep this up and see what more it can do for me!

Learned a lot about balanced meals and how much to eat, when. Also got into a healthy habit of meal prepping which I live the result of. And I made it to the gym more than 20 times this month which is an awesome additional feat!

Thanks to the team for everything!

-Katie W.

Hi Stacy! Thanks for checking in. I feel great! This is maybe the first time I’ve ever gone on “vacation” and lost weight! Overall I’m down 11 lbs and according to my scale about 3.5% body fat! (Not sure how accurate that is but I’ll take it ). The best part is - i don’t even really feel like it’s that hard. There was birthday cake and ice cream and bagels around this weekend and I wasn’t even really tempted by any of it. I definitely want to keep up with these eating habits in the future. I’m just worried that if I incorporate a little back in, I don’t want to lose control. I feel great and confident and I’m so thankful for your support these last 30 days! ️

- Sara L.


Our next Riot Challenge starts April 1str!!
Here's how it works. Your goal is to stick to our nutrition guidelines and complete 3-5 workouts per week during the challenge. Along with that, we'll also encourage you to get the appropriate amount of water and sleep! Our very own Stacy V., a certified nutrition coach, will be there to help you discover the foods that work best for your body, including portion sizes, macronutrient combinations and ideal timing. You'll even get access to our private Riot group to have that extra personal accountability.  Fore more details check out our BLOG post or fill out the form below!


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